October 17, 1975: Backstreets (Review)

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1975-10-17 Backstreets

A release with the famous Roxy-Show from 1975. The vynil-bootleg There Ain't Nobody Here From Billboard Tonight was the source for this CD. It is taken from a far from perfect copy. There is some hiss, little static noises, audible scratches and the recording skips a few times, especially on the first disc. The original recording is from a radio-show so apart from the flaws due to the vynil source the sound is basically excellent.

Maybe someday some-one will do this fantastic show justice and use an original mastertape for his release.

Packaging: 8
Sound: 9 (FM/vynil)
Collecting Value: 6

- Reviewed by Wanted Magazine (Wanted Book #1) -

1975-10-17 Backstreets

The song that prevented 'Live 1975-'85' from being called 'Live 1978-'85' was the version of Thunder Road that was recorded in The Roxy on October 18, 1975. This double CD from Chapter One features the (early) show from the day before, that was broadcast on K-WEST FM, a local L.A. radio station.

Same as the live box, this set opens with an acoustic Thunder Road, after which the band bursts into Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out. Four more songs from Bron To Run are played, as well as four tracks from the first two albums. The presence of Pretty Flamingo isn't too special, the rendition of Goin' Back (dedicated to Roger McGuinn) IS however. The show ends with the Detroit Medley, but the people from Chapter One added a (well-known) version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town as a bonus track.

Sound quality isn't spectacular, since the set was mastered from a vinyl record. I've heard worse though...

All in all not the best boot from the Born To Run tour, but certainly not the worst either.

Sound: 6.5
Tracklist: 8+
Performance: 8+

- Reviewed by The Promise -