March 19, 1999:
Tearing The Walls Of Jersey Down (Review)

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1999-03-19 Tearing The Walls Of Jersey Down

The second rehearsal show. On the whole not that different from the first night. There's the obvious 'second night' setlist changes that also occured during the European tour. But this night did contain a few songs that wouldn't appear on any of the European setlists.

In the case of'Give The Girl A Kiss' that isn't a big disaster. But 'For You' would have been a welcome addition to the setlist of the European shows in which the pre-Born To Run material was almost totally ignored. And Bruce's solo piano version of 'The Promise' is of course something that any fan would have wanted to witness. These songs are the main attraction of this set. The band plays a bit tighter than the first night but are still nowhere near their peak.

The recording is fine. At the beginning there are a few problems but they are probably partly due to the usual adjustments to the hall mix and the taper trying to find a good position. After those initial problems during the first song the sound is very consistent. Very little to no audience noise and a clear sound. The only, and very important, problem of this tape is its lack of dynamics. You can play this CD so loud you'll get complaints from all over the neighbourhood but it will never have a big sound.

soundquality drops during the last three songs. These come from a different and inferior tape. More distant and with more audience (But with much better dynamics). The reason for this change comes from games played by the owner of the better (and complete) recoding. Unfortunately such games are not a rare occurence in the tape world. The appeal of this CD lies in the three one-off songs

Packaging: 8.5
Sound: 9 (Audience)
Collecting Value: 8.5

- Reviewed by Wanted Magazine (Wanted Magazine #4) -