June 26, 1999: Copenhagen Night (Review)

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1999-06-26 Copenhagen Night

With the rain pouring down in Copenhagen Bruce starts a new tradition: everytime it rains during a concert you'll most likely get 'Who'll Stop The Rain'. The rain is a continious theme during the Copenhagen show. With the European tour winding down real suprises are far and in between.

After the version of 'Fire' in Stockholm the word has spread and this time Bruce has to actually coax Garry, when seeing request signs for the song, into playing the song for a bit. Copenhagen is lucky to get the 1999 premier of 'Because The Night'. Apart from that nothing out of the ordinary happens.

However, the CCR-recording again is excellent. The bonus tracks consist of songs from the Oslo show. Again an ex excellent recording but apparently not good enough for an Oslo Night release. The last show of the 1999 European tour held no suprises at all so the bonus tracks on the CD aren't very exciting.

The only thing that would catch your eye when looking at the tracklisting is 'My Girl'. Unfortunately that's only a 37 long snippet that was included in the 'Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out' and sung by Patti, who actually sang 'My Guy'.

Packaging: 8.5
Sound: 9.5 (audience)
Collecting Value: 8

- Reviewed by Wanted Magazine (Wanted Magazine #6) -