June 5, 1981: Born To Be The Boss (Review)

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1981-06-05 Born To Be The Boss

The first concert of the European leg of the River-tour released on CD. There are no soundboardrecordings from this part of the tour so we have to make do with an audience recording. It is a good recording considering the era it was recorded in.

By today's standards it sounds a little distant, however, and there is too much audience-sound. Also, the acoustics of the Wembley Arena have left their mark on the recording.

The source of this release was the vinyl-version by the same name with some of the obvious negative effects. Still, a great show in a very acceptable soundquality.

Packaging: 8
Sound: 8 (audience/vinyl)
Collecting Value: 7

Reviewed by Wanted Magazine (Wanted Book #1) -