August 4, 1981: Have The Faith (Review)

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Have The Faith

A lot of memorable shows of days past have been hosted by the Capitol Centre, either due to the fact that it were great shows, or that the bootlegs derived from set shows were amazing. This first night of an eventual three-night-stand has that same memorable factor. This release features not only great sound quality, but it contains one of the most rocking up-tempo setlist known to date. With the exception of a few songs, of which most profoundly a beautiful 'Point Blank' the show is rocking through the complete show. When it comes to rarities being played there are not a lot to be found, For You one of the rarest in the bunch and even that has had a lot of airplay over the tour.

The show itself is a pretty standard one for that part of the tour (although setlist changes were rather common in those days). That means: quite amazing. Opener is Prove It All Night, what a way to kick off a show! The band continues with a couple more rockers, before slowing down for the very intense and emotional combination of Factory and Independence Day. Another highlight of the show is the Fade Away / Stolen Car / Wreck On The Highway segment.

The intensity of the setlist and the amazing quality sound-wise easily softens the blow of the low-rarity factor. When it comes to audience tapes, this is one of the best sounding boots of the entire tour. There was an original tape circulating, taken from a high(er) generation transfer, yet in 2006 the original taper, converted the master tape, which was edited, or remastered if you will, by Erno to the amazing recording it is now. This is the best quality in which this show is presented.

This is a release which can make the top-5 of the river tour boots sound-wise and considering the amazing shows on that tour and great recordings (think only of 16 days later, the Vets show) this boot is a force to be reckoned with.

- Reviewed by Bruceboots -